• Karen Gay

Chocolate and Almond Treats


  • 200 g Chocolate 80% cocoa

  • 60 g Whole raw almonds (skin on)

  • 70 g Fresh Dates (approximately 3)

Chocolate, as in real cocoa bean, has wonderful minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and selenium. To get the health benefits from chocolate make sure you are getting the real thing, if it’s 80% cocoa or more, it is technically a health food. Almonds contain the minerals calcium and magnesium, and the skin has pre-biotic qualities. Method

  • Blend the almonds to a meal, set aside

  • Separately, puree the dates into a paste. (it will be fairly thick and sticky) then set aside

  • Break or chop the chocolate into small pieces. Add to the ground nuts and blend again until you have a crumb like texture

  • Add the dates to the nut and chocolate mixture and blend until combined.

  • Form the mixture into small balls and roll in fresh nut meal, this creates a light coating on the outside and stops them from sticking together

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