Karen Gay 

BHSc (WHM) Adv Dip (Nat) NFE MANTA

Karen is an dedicated and knowledgeable practitioner with over a decade of experience. Her clinical practice focuses on the treatment of Women’s health and fertility, gastrointestinal disorders and mental health. She describes the health of the body being much like an ecosystem, where there is a dynamic interplay of a multitude of factors. She is passionate about natural medicine and uses a functional and integrative medicine approach to treat her patients. What she is most passionate about is making a positive difference in her patients’ lives.

In addition to being a practitioner Karen is a lecturer at Endeavour College of Natural Health and is studying a Masters of Applied Science in Acupuncture at RMIT University.

Karen is a full member of the Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)


Karen grew up in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. Her family moved into inner Melbourne, in her early teens. She left school at 16 to start an apprenticeship as a chef. Ambitious and determined to be successful, she worked in some of Melbourne’s top restaurants. By 22 she was burnt out and looking for more out of life than working 16 hours a day in high stress, high pressure and aggressive environments.

Karen’s interest in helping people inspired her to look for a new career where she could have a healthier and more balanced life. She decided to return to school to study Natural Medicine. During her study Karen worked as a personal care assistant helping people with disabilities, work she found incredibly rewarding. She also spent time working as a dispensary and clinical assistant in a large natural medicine clinic in Melbourne. She has been in private practice since graduation and still has a love and passion for good food and cooking.